Steps to take before ordering branded hoodies

Hoodies are fave for most people, for laid-back or casual looks. If comfort and style are your priority, hoodies are the way to go. The designs are pretty many and range from a full zip hoodie to pullover ones. Getting a ready-made sweatshirt from clothing stores is possible, but personalization is a different ball game. Customization isn’t the cheapest process, but the result is fantastic. Customized hoodies are unique and can be great gifts for family or friends. This post describes the steps before ordering branded hoodies.

What to do before ordering branded hoodies

Some manufacturers/suppliers accept customization requests from their clients. Their design team can suggest some designs if you have none, or they can work with yours from scratch if you present one to them. Making your hoodie order is the first step towards you receiving the product. But what do you do before that?

a. Decide on the style

There are many hoodie styles, but the full zip and pullovers are the main ones. Customizing each would be different, especially in the chest area. Carefully select your preferred style and note its advantages and disadvantages. The pullover hoodies are easier to personalize, i.e., printing a text or design, compared to the full zip style.

On the flip side, full-zip sweatshirts are more fashionable. You also have the option to open the zip when it’s too hot and close it when cold. With the pullover, you either keep it on or remove it. You are deciding on style alone isn’t enough. You must know what material the designer will use. The fabric should also be high-quality for it to feel comfortable.

b. Know the design and size

Oversize hoodies look better than fitting ones. However, people are different, so pick a size that suits you. You can get many design ideas online or create one if you can. Remember that hoodies are more laid back and would look back with simple designs. Intricate designs may look good sometimes, but more often than not, they don’t. Choose wearable colors that you find attractive and don’t limit your everyday look.

c. Identify the print position

The beauty of customizing an item is you are in charge of every detail. Hoodies have several printing spots, so you decide on the perfect area. However, there are limitations to the sweatshirt style. Prints going over the zip aren’t the cutest, so be careful with your choice. You have limited space on the chest area of pullovers since most have pockets at the front. Focus on the available space and pick visible and classy prints.

d. Choose a company

Find a reliable company that can bring your vision to life. Question their printing methods and confirm if they have one of your choices. Talk about the costs and other additional information that would help. Once satisfied, proceed to place your order.


Branded hoodies are trendy, fun, and functional. Go through different designs and pick the best, ensuring it’s comfortable. Choose a simple but classic print and get a suitable location on the hoodie. Get a reliable supplier, share your vision and kick-start the customization process if satisfied. Go to sites like Alibaba, which has many suppliers with customization services for bulk and retail buying that you can check out and place your hoodie orders.



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