Flying Orb: A Great Way to Have Fun

Today, we need a little bit of fun with how stressful and toxic things are. A flying orb is one of the best toys that could be used for entertainment and also enhance creativity. A flying orb is an amazing toy that both kids and adults love to play with.

What is a flying orb

A flying orb is a tool or instrument that looks like a ball. It spins and floats farther away from you and automatically returns to you like a boomerang. It has a different light shade inside of it and a fan that allows for levitation. They are great when the light is turned off or when used at night.

Features of a flying orb

It comes with a USB feature that is designed to allow for easy charging. It takes 15-30 minutes to fully charge before use and it could work for a certain period. It is flexible and very light to carry. You could put it in your bag whenever you go out and also hold it in your hands for a long time.

It is hard to break because of its soft surface— is made from plastic material. You could throw it. Because of its material, it is durable and not susceptible to damage. However, when an intentional/unintentional force is applied to it, it can affect the integrity of the orb.

Using a flying orb

For parents, it is a great instrument that can keep your kid(s) busy while you do house chores or any work you have at hand.

When the orb is fully charged, all you need to do is to turn on the power button and then shake it a little. The fan inside it starts rolling and then spins with a sound. When you let go of it, in any direction of your choice, it either flies higher or farther away from you. Like a boomerang, it comes back safely to you.

It takes no huge skill for you to know how it works but in the long run, you can discover as many tricks as possible. It’s so much fun that you can play with your family and friends.

A good way to have some fun with it is to position a play partner at the other end of your position. You can release the orb to them and have them catch it and send it back.


A flying orb can be used as a gift for a kid. It’s one item they are sure to appreciate. It also helps improve the intellect of kids. As a versatile kid’s toy, it helps increase the problem-solving skills of kids by trying to find out more tricks it can perform. The more tricks the more fun it gets.

It gives happy moments to kids whenever they are bored or anytime they are home and have nothing to do. Keep the kids excited all day long with the flying orb. In a world of indoor video games, flying orbs are a perfect outdoor activity for kids and adults.



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